Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wayne Thiebaud= Yummy ART

I'm playing catch up with some past projects I've been wanting to share.  In November and December our students studied the work of Wayne Thiebaud.  He was such a fun artist to study, and so delicious too!  Many of my students got very hungry during this lesson.

I have a lot of project examples from various grades.  If you want longer descriptions or have questions on how a project was done feel free to leave me a comment.
 2nd grade did warm or cool colored paintings of desserts.  Cray-pas and tempera cakes

 2nd and 3rd grade had Ice Cream self-portraits!  We focused on overlapping, symmetry, correct placement of facial features and arms.  Paper, sharpie, pencil and crayons/chalk

 Kindergarten made cute stacked ice cream cones and them traced their hand and cut them out to 'hold' their ice cream cone.  Painted paper and construction paper.

Loved these!  Ceramic cupcakes made by 4th graders.  The bottom of the cupcake was a pinch pot and the top was a coil so that the two pieces created a 'container'.  We glazed them with Amaco glazes.

 4th and 5th grade created these awesome 3-D dessert drawings!  We used cray-pas on black paper, focused on form, creating tints, overlapping and halation.

 These ceramic gingerbread houses turned out sooo good!  They are based off my milk-carton house lesson that we made last year.  The directions are here:

 Plaster ice cream sundaes for 2nd grade!  Recycled ice cream cups, sterofoam peanuts, plaster, paint, straws and beads for cherries!  Very cute, fun and simple.

3rd and 4th grade created milk carton paper gingerbread house sculptures.  It was fun to see all the great details they added to their own houses!

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