Friday, August 31, 2012

Art Room Reveal!

I always enjoy seeing other teacher's art rooms.  It gives me so many ideas on visuals and how to arrange my space.  Last year was my first year in my classroom and I didn't have the time to do too much with it.  Sure I made some changes as the year progressed, but overall I didn't take the time to really make my room feel like 'mine'.

So this summer between summer school, being home with my twin girls, a vacation and sinus surgery- I worked on stuff for my room.  You'll see a misch mosch of ideas from various blogs and pinterest as well as some of my own ideas.  I'm going to try to link back to the original poster as much as I can.  As our superintendent mentioned yesterday at our 'welcome back' inservice; 'educators borrow ideas, not steal them'.

I took these with my cell phone yesterday so I'm sorry if the quality is kind of crappy!

This area is between my desk and smartboard.  Students have activities they can choose from off the bookshelf or from the gray table when they are finished working.  

I recently added blocks to my 'finished corner.  These are KeVA planks- very very cool blocks!  Excellent for architectural building.  I borrowed the block sign from the AOE's post:

I made the color poster above my bulletin board.  And you can see who our first artist will be for this year- so excited!

I added some fun stuff to the top of my book shelf- some was mine and some I inherited.  

This poster idea I've seen from lots of people.  Next year I'll probably remake it with di-cut letters so it looks cleaner, but for now it's good.  I'm big into routines in my room, most kids know what to do when they finish, but for those who don't will now have a visual reminder.

I made the large Mr. Brush (without arms) and I FOUND both Mr. Brush posters in my classroom.  I didn't know I had them!!  Very exciting discovery!

The back corner of my room.  I moved furniture, added a bulletin board and some visuals.

This is my new way of tracking classroom behavior.  In my room I have 5 classroom rules, if the classes follow all 5 rules they earn a 'letter'.  If they earn all 10 letters (spelling ARTrageous) they get to have an art party.  Art parties are a free day where I provide the supplies and they provide the creativity.

Last year I had paper letters that I would staple up... it got very messy and overwhelming to try and remember to staple letters up for each of the classes.  So this year each classroom is on a clothespin and as they earn letters I'll clip them to that letter on my board.  When they make it to the 's' then it's party time!

Clothespins for all 20 classes

I did a new seating arrangement and created new table signs.  The balloon idea came from here:

Fun, but a bit time consuming!

This is outside my door.  Who doesn't love those crayola paint chips!

My door design.  The paint blob idea I saw here:

Now all it needs are the students!!  

I'm very excited for my 2nd year at Sandhill.  My twin girls begin kindergarten this year in my building and I am thrilled to have them in my class and be a part of their school life!

Have a great year everyone!  Keep creating!


  1. Your classroom looks great! :)

  2. Everything looks great! I love the toad, I'm finished and color posters! Nice job! Have a great school year! :)

  3. Wow! What a nice art room! I love the tables and clean space. So jealous! Thanks for all the tips.

  4. Don't you love pin-interest? I don't know how I managed before!! Your room looks fantastic... Have a GREAT year!

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