Saturday, November 3, 2012

Starry Night Inspired art

I'm still trying to play catch up and get my lessons uploaded from September.  In previous posts, I mention that we focused on Van Gogh's paintings.  These were the inspirations for our Art to Remember submissions this year.  See my previous post for more information about the Art to Remember fundraising program.

Here I have art from 3rd grade.  For their assignment we studied the life of Van Gogh and focused on his Starry Night painting.  Students were asked to come up with their own night 'scene'.  We brainstormed on different locations both locally and around the world.  Some students even went so far as to create a scene from a different time!  They used cray-pas to create these colorful works of art.  Great project with a lot of variety!

The Titanic!  How creative!

This is the capitol building in Madison, WI

The 2nd graders also based their Art to Remember projects off of Starry Night.  In their lesson we featured the insects from the 2nd grade science unit: butterflies and milkweed bugs.

Students first practiced drawing the insect of their choice, then they drew on the final paper.  Insects were colored with marker, then the students drew the starry sky with crayons and finally used blue watercolor paint to finish the sky.  This lesson had a lot of different steps and used 3 different mediums.

Stay tuned for the rest of the Van Gogh lessons!


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