Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One down! More to go hopefully!!

Yay!!  I finally made a poster for my art room!  I swear I have been pinning ideas on Pinterest all summer and reading a ton of great articles from other people's blog but I haven't actually 'accomplished' anything until today.  It's crazy how easily I get sucked into reading blogs and pinning on Pinterest and suddenly it's 10pm and it's too late to start anything.

So I wrote myself a sticky note last night...

This was me getting on my lazy, procrastinating self (whatever works right?!)

So anyways I woke up and hauled all my scrapbooking junk upstairs and worked on this whenever I had a spare minute.  I'm soooo happy!!  And my custodian emailed me this morning and said my room should be finished today so I can finally get in there!  There was a summer camp that used my room all summer so I have been getting a little anxious about having enough time to get my room 'ready'.

I've also been making my supply list for the year (wondering why I didn't do it in the beginning of summer until I remember I had to make one for summer school!) and organizing my lessons for the first  few weeks back.  

I'm continuing my research on how teachers plan their year out.  I know everyone does it differently and I'm looking forward to figuring out a system for myself.  

How is your room prep going?  Are you feeling ready to go back or are you getting stressed?  I think I'm falling in the getting stressed category.  Time to borrow grandma for a few days so I can have time to actually get stuff done minus twin five year olds!

Good Luck!


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