Thursday, July 26, 2012

Common Core standards... where do we fit?

Our District in Stoughton, Wi, like many others, is moving to the Common Core Standards.  Though the standards are for English Language Arts and Mathematics, these affect us all and inform the way that we teach. My understanding is that all districts across the country will soon be using these standards so that the education of all American students will be consistant.

When our department first found out about the switch, we of course felt a little left out.  There isn't even a mention of the arts in any of the standards.  But a colleague forwarded this article to me, which I will share with you.  This article takes a look at what we, as arts (visual, music, drama) teachers, have to offer, and how this will be a true moment to advocate for our programs.  This article has encouraged me to seek out those Common Core conversations and find out where my program can fit in!


Is your school adopting these standards for the 2012-2013 school year?  What conversations have you been having with your art department?  Have you found ways to jump into the conversation yourselves?

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