Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Syttende Mai Tomorrow!

If you saw my last post you would know that our city of Stoughton, WI has a rich Norwegian heritage.  You might also have noticed that we celebrate Norway's independence day in a big way.  Tomorrow is the 17th of May, which is a national holiday (if you're Norwegian).  In honor of the holiday, I want to share the rest of the Norwegian themed art that we had going one in the past few weeks.

The third graders created self-portraits by making themselves into Norwegian Vikings.  We used a template for the body and their photo for their head.  The clothing and other details (helmets, belts, jewelry) were made from cloth, linolium, and metallic paper.

We also made traditional Viking longboats complete with shields, oars and a sail.

They turned out so cute!  And were featured on three large bulletin boards in my hallway.  The Viking portraits were also on display with our homage to Edvard Munch (a Norwegian artist).

Students practiced drawing the railing on the boardwalk to create 1-point perspective.  Then they watercolored and outlined their drawings.  I love the diversity of colors!

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