Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spiral Weavings are Fabulous!

My third grades are wrapping up a short weaving project.  In second grade they learn to weave using a cardboard loom to create small rectagular weavings.  In third grade they graduate to spiral weavings!  I had my students put on the warp themselves (which was tricky and a bit painstaking!) so they could get a better feel for working in the round.  The looms were small square pieces of tagboard that had slits cut into them.  If you are making your own you want to have 3 sides with the same even number and the 4th side should have an odd number.  Like, 8, 8, 8 and 7. 

Some students chose to work with a pattern and others just had fun trying out all sorts of colors.  When I went to display them in my hallway, I was having trouble deciding what to do with them.  My lovely coworker, our music teacher, was the one who had the vision of tree branches.  I'm excited to have the other two classes finish up so we can have 3 beautiful, colorful trees in my hallway!

This was a nice, quiet project that took 2-3 70 minute class period.  Yes... you read that right, I have 3rd graders for a whole 70 minutes!  It's great for projects like this when they are working independently and are busy.  :)

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