Friday, July 3, 2015

Saying goodbye and saying hello...

After 4 wonderful years teaching in Stoughton, I had to say goodbye.  A position opened up in our city and applying for the new job was one of the hardest things I've had to do.  I absolutely loved my school in Stoughton.  So much so that I had my two daughters do the commute with me so that they could attend school there as well.  It was a wonderful, beautiful building full of amazing staff members and friends.  I will forever cherish my memories there.

Melanie and Amelia's last day of 2nd grade and last day at Sandhill
In my new teaching position I will be working only a few minutes from my house which is a HUGE perk after doing a 40 minute commute (in WISCONSIN on back country roads!!) for 4 years.  I am really excited to finally be working in my community!  It's been so great to see so many familiar faces in the schools again.

I will be teaching at Barrie Elementary and Rockwell Elementary.  Both schools have art rooms in the basement, BUT I DO have windows in both rooms!  The space in both rooms is nice and storage is ok.  Everything will be a bit of an adjustment as my former room was HUGE, had 4 sinks, a GIANT walk in store room and a separate room for clay.  Both of my new rooms have only 1 sink and it's in the store room, so learning to work without a sink will be an adjustment.

I was pleased to see that I have smartboards and document cameras in both my new rooms!  YES!!  And both rooms have some nice features that I'm excited to work with.

My most favorite thing?  I GET TO PAINT my walls!!!  I was never allowed to paint the walls in my former classroom at my principal's request.  I have been having a blast painting all week at Barrie which was almost completely white save for one green wall. 

Cheers! I'll post my progess pictures up as I get finished with certain areas!  I'm so thrilled to finally make my art rooms my own.   These will be my 'forever' rooms.


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  1. I LOVE that wall!! It looks way better than it did before... a beautiful display instead of a place to throw odd junk. It's so nice to make a space your own. :)