Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer School: Beginning Ceramics Lesson 1

I have just completed the first two week session of summer school- my first time teaching it.  Overall there was little guidance or curriculum for my class so initially I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go.  I ended up laying my class out like this.  

For the first week I taught the three main handbuilding methods- one project at a time.  The first lesson was a pinch pot project with an animal theme.  I started with this first knowing that the clay would be the thickest and take the longest to air dry.  These projects took 1-2 class periods.

I taught 24 students per section for three sections 2nd grade through 5th grade- so the results were all very diverse.  I really think we had some excellent results!

A cute penguin complete with hat

A crab with a fish... he lost an eye in the process :(

Really cute cow (it is Wisconsin of course!)


Cute elephant- there were three really nice ones!

Chicken, how cute!  And a polymer bear posing.

A jellyfish- one of a kind!

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