Friday, April 20, 2012

Today was a good day...

Do you ever have those weeks...?  You know, those weeks that fly by, where a tornado looks like it's literally gone through your room, where piles have long began to form (piles to grade, piles of lessons to file, piles of materials upon materials) and where you cannot remember getting a single thing completed?

Yeah... we've all had those weeks.  And as a new teacher I am still in that 'can't seem to ever catch up' mode.  It's exhausting living there... but I get by.  I tell myself that tomorrow I will feel more prepared, tomorrow I will have done more on my list of things to do and get done, tomorrow I will catch up!   It's a little insane that I even half believe myself.  Ahh yes, the promise of tomorrow.  :)

This week was another one of those weeks for me, where all of a sudden Friday had arrived and I couldn't remember how we had gotten here.  But, thankfully.... Today was a Great Day!

Today was a PRIDE celebration day (students earn green tickets for good behavior, when the bulletin board in the hall is filled with green tickets they earn a 'celebration')  and the theme was Electrifying Energy- or something like that.  Which meant that the kids could wear neon clothes, sunglasses and hats to school.  I happened to have a huge tote full of neon yellow t-shirts in my store room so I placed myself by the 5th grade doors before school and loaned out t-shirts.  It was fun and they were excited to have something cool to wear for the day.  And the students (and 5th grade teachers) were fabulous about bringing the shirts back at the end of the day.

Other things that made my day great;
- Experiencing success with a struggling student!
- Having the honor of being interviewed by 3 students with a flip camera and armed with 5 questions each
- Letting my 1st and 2nd graders go into total CREATIVE mode by making flowers, trees, etc decorations out of paper for their music program next week
- And having a blast in the teacher's lounge at lunch listening to a co-worker's haphazard start to his day!  I haven't laughed like that in a while!

In the end, on my 35 minute drive home I contemplated just how lucky I am... as someone who has worked a lot of jobs... I can say, with absolute certainty, that I have the best job for me!

I have come home.

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