Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Spring Break in Pictures

As a 'first year' teacher (first year with a district job, vacation, holidays) I almost didn't know what to do with myself when my spring break rolled around last week... almost.  :)

My twins are in 4K which is the 4 year old Kindergarten program in my hometown.  I work in another district about 35-40 minutes away and our spring breaks did not match up... we were a whole 2 weeks off.  At first I was disappointed... I wanted to spend time with my babies right?  Right?  But as I discovered last week I thoroughly enjoyed dropping the girls off at school at 8 am (I got to sleep in a whole two hours later!!) and picking them up around lunch.

So what did I do with my mornings you wonder...did I climb back in bed or lay around and watch daytime TV?  No!  I impressed even myself (I can be totally lazy if I let myself) by being productive AND crafty!

  Here's a recap of my week in pictures and projects :D

Monday and Thursday
I recently inherited a sewing machine from my grandparents, it's a Sears-Kenmore model 33 from about 1976-77 era.  I taught myself how to sew after playing around with the machine for about a week and now I am loving having fun and making cool stuff.  So on Monday I made a ballet bag for Amelia (purple) and Thursday I made the pink one for Melanie.

On Tuesday I cleaned my closet... it took two and a half hours and resulted in two huge bags to donate at Goodwill.  Yay more room for new Goodwill and Old Navy clearance rack finds! This was the picture I took with my cell phone to show my hubby 'yes I am awake, I am not in bed, look I'm getting stuff done!'  And yes, he was proud too.  

 On Wednesday I decided to make a birthday present for my crafty, crochet-lovin' sister who lives in Austin.  So I went to the fabric store, found this cool Japanese parasol print (which she loved BTW) and using a tutorial I found on Pinterest (LOVE!) I made her this fun fabric case for her crochet hooks.  I was a bit stressed while making it, but very happy with the results.

After much snuggling in bed with the girls (there's no 4K on Fridays), the three of us drove to my school and spent 3 hours in my classroom.  They 'helped' me organize my store room, load my kiln, and pick up around the room.

That evening we had family over and decorated Easter eggs!  Here's my favorite egg below...
Guess which artist inspired this fav?


 I spent most of Saturday morning following another Pinterest tutorial 'how to turn a sock into a teddy bear'. Mine did not look as slim and sleek as the one in the tutorial, but maybe it's because I had two four year olds helping me stuff the stuffing into the body of the bear.  LOL  well we love the bear anyways and so do my dogs apparently!

And Sunday
And Easter Sunday, of course, was a sugar induced, fun and family filled day.  Here are a couple snapies of my gorgeous girls blowing bubbles... because really?  Who doesn't love bubbles?!

If you made it through my entire week- congrats!  And thanks for reading.  It was a fun, busy week and I loved every minute of it.  Hope your spring breaks were as fun!  Did you go anywhere special?  Discover any new talents or art forms?  I'd love to hear from you!


  1. All your projects look great! I love the bear, too. Have the girls had ballet class, yet, so they can use their new bags?

  2. Thanks! I thought you might like the bear :) No, the girls haven't had ballet yet. They had the week off so next Monday will be their first chance to use the bags.