Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Heart Glitter

Glittertastic!  That's what my classroom looked like this week on Valentine's day.  I had two Kindergarten classes that day who were finishing up their paper heart weavings.  I decided to let them have a little fun and add some glitter to their work.  I put out 4 colors of glitter, each with it's own tray to dump the excess glitter into... it worked surprisingly well for the most part!  The kids made a real effort to dump the correct color glitter into the matching tray.  Nonetheless my floor was still pretty sparkly up to 3 days after!  ;)

Some were more minimalist!  :)

Thank goodness I have an awesome custodian who is not afraid of the g-word!  

It was a great Valentines day- happy, excited, sugared-up students having fun in art!  And I got the coolest gift from one of my students- a set of blank cards (Art by Mary Engelbreit).  Here's the cover... isn't it just the best!  She knows me so well.  :)  

LOVE it!!!

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